If only you say

At the blink of an eyeI’ll give you all that is mineBelongings, soul, lifeIf only you say“I’m forever making you mineWill never cause you to whine”If only you say“I’ll be your spineI’ll treasure you for life”If only you say“I’ll cherish you every dayAs though you were some ecstatic wine”If only you say“I’ll protect you with…

A walk with the Lord

When the cares of my heart are manyZillion questions in my mind I carryWhen my yoke is too heavyAnd am desperate for answers and respite, The Lord GodCreator of allHimself came to rescue meMy knight in the shining armourMy saviourTook my yoke and in his armsHe carried me Then tucked me tight under his mighty…

I’m coming

A billion starsYou’ve promised meA million kisses under the treesLong endless walksPicking sea shells by the seaYou’ve promised meBoth life dreamt and unconceivedCherishing every moment to our heart’s contentAnd our lives togetherFor eternity Could we be apart forever?I’m waiting no longerI’m coming for youBreaking all the shacklesI’m coming for us

200+ Followers ♥️ Thank You ♥️

I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my followers who have been supporting and motivating me in my blogging journey all this time!🥰💕🙏I didn’t even realize I crossed 200 until I got a wordpress notification in the middle of a busy day. It was a pleasant surprise! And in that moment, brief though,…

Heaven like

The painter of this beautiful piece is Dr. Anju Joseph.